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First Dates – What Guys and Gals Are Thinking?

Ever wondered what’s going inside their heads on your first date – here’s some worthwhile tips you should understand. Dating just got easier to understand.

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We are a Social Society With Unsociable People

Do Like Puppies Do

can you carry a social conversation? Can you carry a conversation?

Imagine just getting a cute little Labrador puppy – fluffy, mischievous and down right adorable.

If you’ve ever gotten a new pup, you know that very soon that’s it’s an important part of their growth and training to take them out a socialise with other dogs.

They’ll learn and understand behaviours from different dogs, with the outcome of becoming a well-rounded and well-behaved dog.

Interestingly too, that as a pack animal, unlike human beings, dogs continue to learn from their pack.



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Good 2nd Date Conversation Topics to Keep Them Interested

Tongue Tied?

don't end up being tongue tied on a date Don’t end up like this on your date

So, your first date was spectacular and now you are thinking about what you are going to do and say on your second date.

Many people are very practiced and entertaining on a first date, but struggle on the second ones.

You might even want to lower the expectations that you formed because of the success of the

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