The 5 Love Languages of Children


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5 Tips For Online Dating Success

Increase Your Dating Chances

You’ve decided to jump into the world of online dating and could use a few pointers to increase your odds of online dating success.

You’re in luck, because below I list 5 tips for online dating success.

You might be wondering what makes me qualified to offer advice about online dating.

The reason I am qualified to give advice is because I was basically on every online dating site known to man and after many failed attempts at finding love, I met my wife online.

I have also helped many others find love online as well.

So without further ado, here are 5 tips for online dating success.

online dating success


Tip #1:

Choose The Right Online Dating Website

There are many online dating websites for you to join.

The key in limiting frustration and failure is to pick the ones that are best suited for you.

  • Are you super busy and don’t have a lot of time to search yourself?
    • Then eHarmony and Chemistry are best for you.
  • Don’t want to spend a lot of money?
    • Then Match might be for you or other free online dating sites.
  • Focused on multicultural such as Thai culture dating, for example?
    • Give a try

By understanding what each site has to offer and knowing what you need, you will better your odds of finding love online.

This is why I created an in-depth online-dating comparison chart on my blog.

It helps you to pick the sites that are right for you, saving you both time and money in the process.


Tip #2:

Stand Out

Through all of my time with online dating, the one thing that made me go from zero first dates to many first dates was standing out from the crowd.

I don’t know why so many people put so little effort into their online profiles and pictures but it is alarming. It’s no wonder why so many people leave online dating with a sour taste in their mouth.

Online dating is a numbers game.

Put time and effort into creating an amazing profile and take some good pictures.

Note that good pictures does not mean selfies in the mirror.

You pictures should tell a story about you.

A mirror selfie tells me you have no time to take finding love seriously.

On the other hand, a picture of you skiing shows me one of your interests, that you enjoy being active, etc.

Taking the time to do these things will increase your chances of online dating success.

Be the Stand-out and not the sheep with dating profiles

Be the Stand-out and not the sheep


Tip #3:

Check Out Others Profiles

I was going to include this in Tip #2, but felt it deserved its own point.

Before you go about writing your own profile, check out the competition.

So guys, check out the profiles of other local guys and girls check out profiles of other girls. You’re not trying to meet them, you are just trying to get ideas for your own profile.

Take notes of the things you like and dislike.

Also take note to the structure and tone of them as well.

Do all of the guys and gals say basically the same thing?

Great, now you know what not to do that.

Remember, you want to stand out!


Tip #4:

Make Your Messages Stand Out

Noticing a theme here?

The email message should stand out as well.

Don’t just say, “I like your profile” or “what’s up”. Show the person you actually read their profile and feel that there is some thing that you two have in common from the start.

  • Your email should be a few sentences about their profile.
  • Then a sentence or two about yourself.
  • You can include some innocent flirting, but don’t make it all sexual.
  • You don’t want to come off as a creeper.
  • You want to come off as a genuine, real person that they won’t be afraid to give their phone number to.

When it comes to email subject lines, most people don’t put any effort into the emails they send to potential matches.

Everyone says “Hi” or “Hey” in the subject line of emails.

Doing this will only make you blend in with everyone else.

Make your subject line stand out by telling the reader what your message is about.

If you are commenting on the skiing picture example I used above, then make that the subject.

Have it be “Ever Skied The French Alps?”.

This will definitely stand out.


Tip #5:

Stay Positive

As I mentioned before, online dating is a numbers game.

You are going to have to reach out to a lot of people in order to find those that you have a mutual interest with.

It can be time consuming and frustrating at times.

But you have to stay positive during the entire process.

I gave up many times, only to come back with better pictures and a better profile.

I went on many first dates that never lead to a second date.

Instead of getting mad or upset that I was never going to find love, I took a glass half-full outlook. For every failed date, I was one date closer to finding the love of my life, which I ended up finding.

Had I given up, who knows if I would have ever found her.


Final Thoughts

So there are your 5 tips for dating success in the online world.

While I obviously can’t guarantee you that if you follow these steps you will find the love of your life, I am confident that your odds of success will greatly improve and you will go on more dates and meet more people.

This is beneficial to you as it keeps your confidence up and it allows you to understand more of what you are looking for in a partner.

Good Luck!


What’s Your Opinion?

  • We’d like to know: Have you tried Dating Online?
  • What was your own first lesson from it?
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Tell us your thoughts, in the comments below.


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How Eating Together Can Save Your Marriage

Did You Know Eating Together Can Save Your Marriage ?

Any marriage is difficult, but marriage can be made even harder when partners work opposite shifts.

A successful marriage takes communication, and communication can be impossible when you only see each other in passing five days out of the week.

save a marriage and eat together Follow along with these tips and tell us whether you do them

If you and your spouse work opposite shifts, here are five ways that you can make sure your marriage doesn’t fall by the wayside:

Take the Same Day Off

If you are at a job that allows you to bid for shifts, try to take the same days off as your spouse.

Even one shared day off can give you time to do things together that you enjoy.

If you are able to take a day off together, don’t spend it running errands or visiting family if you can help it.

Dedicate the day to the two of you and spend it doing something fun.


Eat Together

Make a deal with each other that you will eat dinner together at least one night a week.

This may mean that you need to adjust your dinner time, but it will give you an hour of uninterrupted talk time.

Turn the ringers off on your phones, keep the television off and turn the radio on.

You don’t have to have a romantic dinner by candlelight, but you do have to have a dinner where your soul focus is each other.


Meet for Lunch

dining can be simple with togetherness Meeting up can even be as simple as a conversational coffee together.
What counts is that it’s … together

You don’t have to meet for lunch every day of the week, but a once weekly lunch date can go a long way to establishing a line of communication.

Meet your spouse at work on his or her lunch break or meet a favorite restaurant.

Alternatively, you can grab a couple of sandwiches on your way and meet in a nearby park.

Not only will you have a great lunch together, but your spouse will get a much needed break from the office.


Leave Notes

Getting creative with sticky notes can be a great way to let your spouse know that you are thinking about them.

Leave sticky notes around the house for your spouse to find while you are at work, or post sticky notes on your spouse’s steering wheel, stick them in their lunch or recruit one of your spouse’s co-workers to leave them on his or her desk for you.

Leaving sticky notes will let your spouse know that they are on your mind when you aren’t together.


Play Hookie

While it’s never advisable to abuse sick time, call off once in a while to spend the day with your spouse.

You can also use a day of comp, vacation or holiday time if your employer offers such.

Taking the day off to spend with your spouse will make them feel special and appreciated. You don’t have to tear up the town on your day off; you can stay in bed, cuddle on the couch or even work in the yard.

Just make sure that you don’t leave the house if you call off sick; you don’t want to run the risk of getting caught.

To save your marriage takes effort, but having opposite shifts can make marriage more difficult than normal.

If you get creative with the attention that you pay to your spouse, your marriage can not only survive opposite work shifts, but can thrive in the face of them.


Over To You

Now that we’ve reached the bottom, here’s what you can do next:

  • Do you actually find the time to sit down and dine with your partner?
  • Do you make other times to share a meal with them?
  • What are other ways to enjoy your partner, involving food?
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How Meditation Gave Me Better Orgasms

Orgasms Are In Your Head

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Sex is emotional, spontaneous and physical; it is the opposite of logic.

Although I wouldn’t exactly call myself a ‘sex guru’ I have personally gone from a person who had fairly mediocre orgasms to someone who has mind-blowing, powerful, multiple orgasms.

Quite the transformation by anyone’s books.

I’ve also helped other women to do the same, and men facilitate it in their women.

There are a few reasons why this has happened but I thought it might be interesting to focus in on one aspect that is somewhat unusual in the ‘better sex life’ niche:


I know, you probably think this is all a load of ‘tush’ (bullshit) already, but hear me out.

My vagina speaks for itself (so to speak.)

Sex isn’t something that comes about as a logical conclusion, unless you and you’re partner are looking to procreate.

Sex is emotional, spontaneous and physical;

it is the opposite of logic.

There has never been a woman in the history of planet Earth that has had an amazing orgasm whilst thinking about long division.

Irrevocably, the best orgasms have happened during the throes of passionate love making where as little thinking as possible was going on.

Meditation and sex. see it yourself Meditation and sex. see it yourself


Don’t Think So Much

So, how did this all start?

I basically become a logical freak, I went to school, then I went to work and during the entire time I was being taught to think logically.

To make a decision based on emotion was to fail, and I was always taught to ‘think harder.’

This is great for work, but when it comes to sex, this is an absolutely terrible way to go about it and I found it very hard to orgasm, if at all!

If this sounds like you then one of the things that helped me might be useful for you too, and that’s escaping the logical frame of mind, and ‘inhabiting the body’ through meditation.

Meditation is about ‘letting go’ of thoughts and focusing attention on the here and now, or simply feeling the sensations of our body.

This is a process that we can get better at with time.

Just let the orgasm flow

Just let it all flow


New Sensations

Now I can switch from a logical frame of mind after a long day at work almost straight into an emotional/physical world where it is much easier for me to get turned on and reach climax.

Discover the secrets in getting your ex back in your life

Not long after I started regularly meditating and translating those skills for the bedroom that I started having squirting orgasms, now I run a website that helps teach men how to make their woman squirt and teaches women how to squirt.

It’s very hard to squirt whilst being logical but very easy when you’re simply enjoying the here and now and the sensations that your body will give you.

What kind of meditation works best?

There really is no best kind of meditation, the key is to do it consistently.

Some days it’s easier than others just to let the thoughts pass you by and inhabit your body and not your mind.

I wouldn’t expect to be having mind-blowing orgasms after a few months, but you’ll quickly see that your mind can become, calm, sexual and focused surprisingly quickly if you stick with it.


Ditch The Stress

Meditation also helped me relieve stress considerably, and stress is one thing that definitely stopped me having orgasms.

For women that’s why foreplay is so important because it allows us to unwind and move from the logical frame of mind into a more sexual one.

Foreplay is also important for squirting because of physiological reasons where the Skene’s gland actually begins to fill with the female ejaculate over time as the women gets more and more turned on.

If you have trouble reaching climax consistently, or you don’t feel turned on very easily, or you just want to have more passionate, emotionally-driven sex then meditation could really help.

Try sitting down for 10 minutes a day and just letting your thoughts drift by, by focusing on the moment, or focus on the sensations in your body.

Some people prefer to use a 10 minute timer so they know when time is up.

Walking meditation is another great way to train yourself to inhabit your body, put your attention on your breathing and let your thoughts drift by.


What’s Your Opinion?

  • Would you like to try meditation for better orgasms?
  • Have you ever experienced the same thing?
  • Click a Share button – your friends can then enjoy this article too.

Tell us your thoughts, in the comments below.


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The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment


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7 Signs of a Relationship in Trouble

Fights between couples, whether married or not, are to be expected. It’s what you’re prepared to do next that is important. Will you save your relationship or simply willing to see it fail? Your choice.


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Getting the Love You Want: A Guide for Couples


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