The Next Level With Your Guy Best Friend: Learn the Cons

The Perks Without Inconvenience

Be careful of the choices you make with your man best friend Be careful of the choices you make with your man best friend

Having a guy best friend is probably one of the best things a woman could ever have.

It lets you enjoy all the perks, without having to feel a lot of inconvenient emotional hullaballoo.

It is like having a father, brother, mother, sister in one guy.

Male best friends are usually the coolest brothers you will ever have.

  • They will guard you like hounds just to keep you away from unlikely suitors.
  • They can also be stricter than your father.
  • They will be so uptight to even allow you to go out wearing skimpy outfits.

Now isn’t that sweet?

It is.


But not until all these awesomeness hurt.

Once your emotions get muddled up by confusions and questions, the awesome relationship can also potentially turn into a nightmarish one.

And when it does, you just can’t help but think:

‘Will I cross the line? Or will I keep mum about it, for the sake of friendship?’

There are times when the boundaries get all messed up and either one of you will be at the losing end.

Making a decision on whether or not you should do something, even to recognize that confusing feeling is very daunting.

No one ever wants to lose a best friend, if it can be helped.

While it totally works for some couples, it is not always the same with others.

understand the value of your guy best friend Understand the value of your guy best friend

Here are some of the questions that you might want to ask yourself first before doing any crucial move.


What Do I Really Feel About My Best Friend?

Fine, you are confused.

But being confused is never any clear indication of what it is you actually feel for your best friend.

This confusion may have risen from a misunderstanding you have or had with another guy you are romantically associated with and having your guy best friend around to comfort you gives you the impression that the one for you might be him, your best friend, all along.

Stop and take a step back.

It would be totally unfair to jump into that conclusion.

First of all, you are going through some sensitive issues with your guy and turning to your guy best friend for more than just comfort is being way too inconsiderate and selfish.

Make sure you know well enough that the reasons he is being too caring is all because of the best friend set up you communally acknowledge.

Breaching this line is like wrecking havoc instead of finding inner peace.

There are better chances that your best friend will not appreciate being a replacement.

He definitely knows his worth.

It would spare you tons of disappointment if you would know the worth of your friendship.


Am I ready For Rejection?

<p id="attachment_27529" align="alignright" width="250"]Image courtesy of cooldesign/ Image courtesy of cooldesign/[/caption]

If the world is on your side and your best friend feels the same way for you, then you are one really lucky girl.

You just hit the jackpot.

But that is being safe and ideal.

The stakes are equally high on the other end.

You have got to prepare for the worst-case scenario all the time. In this case, you have to be totally ready to accept rejection.

Guys can be twice more mysterious than girls.

There will be lot of times when you would feel like you are being led on something wonderful.

Be careful about how you tread on that path.

Guys sometimes feel like being extra sweet without really meaning something else.

So if you feel like taking risks and confessing what you feel, go on. You just have to make sure you know the answer to this question.

After all, no one ever wants to deal with rejection.

  • Ever been confused with a male best friend relationship?
  • Do you even have one?
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