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What Not to Wear on a First Date

When it comes to the important first date, your clothes tell your man who you are. Shoulf they be revealing, too tight, or underdressed? Here’s our tips.

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What Should Couples Do to Avoid Divorce?

divorce can be avoidedBeat The Divorce Odds

Statistics revealed that US has a 53% divorce rate.

If you find that staggering, wait until you hear the percentage in European countries:

  • Luxembourg (60%)
  • Spain (61%)
  • the Czech Republic (66%),
  • Hungary (67%), and
  • Portugal (68%) have obviously higher divorce rates.

This soaring percentage of divorce is just too high to disregard.

What are the things that are potentially putting marriages in trouble?

Are there ways couples can proactively minimise the issues that lead marital dissolution?

To find out the solid

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3 Great Inventions That Help Lovers Succeed in A Long Distance Relationship

Find out what inventions are really helpful for long distance relationships and the 3 that helped my LDR come together with my current husband.

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Baby Seagulls and The G-Spot

Like baby seagulls, the G-Spot can be particularly difficult to find, for a lot of guys. And some blokes I’ve spoken to in the past think this ‘spot’ is just a myth and have absolutely no idea this bit of information will allow them to experience a better sexual relationship – as well as allow multiple orgasms for their woman.

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The Next Level With Your Guy Best Friend: Learn the Cons

The Perks Without Inconvenience

Be careful of the choices you make with your man best friend Be careful of the choices you make with your man best friend

Having a guy best friend is probably one of the best things a woman could ever have.

It lets you enjoy all the perks, without having to feel a lot of inconvenient emotional hullaballoo.

It is like having a father, brother, mother, sister in one guy.

Male best friends are usually the coolest brothers you will ever have.

  • They will guard you like hounds just to keep you away from unlikely

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