5 Dating Tips To Get a Girl To Like You

We often want a certain woman to like us, go to dates etc. But what does this actually mean, and more importantly, how do you get a girl to like you?

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Passionate about relationships, love, sex and great living. I live to help and hope others see value in participating to listen to advice and, hopefully, help others. Pop on over to GeekandJock at http://www.geekandjock.com - check the blogs, look through the Forums and please do comment on anything since your opinion is so valuable to others who are looking for advice and help.

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One comment on “5 Dating Tips To Get a Girl To Like You
  1. MeAndDating says:

    Fantastic advice, especially point number 1. Guys try too hard to please a woman and its a turn-off to them. Coming across as clingy and needy is a guaranteed passion-killer. Great advice that every young man (or old) should be made to read. Then again, I can do without the competition… 🙂

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