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How to Find a Philippines Girl, The Safe and Right Way

Finding a Philippines girl might sound easy but it’s full of pitfalls. Discover the safe way from this real life account. Philippina dating done right.

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Almost a Psychopath: Do I (or Does Someone I Know) Have a Problem with Manipulation and Lack of Empathy?


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To trust or not to trust advice on how to react

ok so I am dating a navy man. this weekend we will be three months in. It has seriously been an amazing time. He is away right now training for combat. he still texts and communicates any and every chance he gets. We met online . he has already said he loves me and that he knows what he wants…

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Dating Reboot – Out of the Frying Pan & Back Into The Fire

Dating Reboot – The Right Way

Forget the past bullshit & the tough memories. It’s party time!This post is for anyone looking to get back on to the dating bandwagon.

Many of you had been following my recent ups and downs, the good and the bad and the flow of my life through my writing and my relationships.

No matter if you’re from Surrey Hills or Scandinavia, dating (or dating again) can be a hard slog so I’m sure many of you will get some tips from my ranting.

There’s always hope at the end of the dating tunnel.

dating is different for everybody <snap class=

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5 Reasons You Deserve a Happy Marriage

Work, Deserve and Receive – Relationships

everyone deserves happiness in their marriage Everyone deserves happiness in their marriage

No one wants to go into a relationship with the expectations of being miserable.

Being with someone for the right reasons can help prevent you from feeling like you’ve made a mistake.

Although your spouse may do everything he or she can in order to bring happiness to your life, marriage is a commitment that requires both parties to make the effort.</

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