Best Sexual Lubricant Anyone

Pam and I have recently been reading and ploughing through a wonderful eBook on multiple orgasms.

That’s multiple orgasms for men, by the way. I’ll get to publishing a review on it, as soon as I can.

Anyway, a regular practise within the lead-up to unlocking that little secret is massages – genital massages, in fact.

Let me tell you right now, a 15 – 20 minute gentle genital massage is something amazing. For both partners.

It’s done without a word spoken. Why that’s so incredible is it’s completely non-judgmental. There isn’t any comment made by anyone. The party being massaged just lays back, eyes closed and enjoys all the sensations and mindful images that their thoughts can conjure.

For the one giving the massage, they in total control of what they’d like to explore, they control the pace and they do it their way. Brilliant!

You just have to try it.

Massage and Lubricants

Which brings me to the question and reason for the forum post.

When you do a massage, you also need a lubricant or oil. We tried a water based sexual lubricant for the first few massages but, on the skin, the water must absorb and it becomes quite sticky.

I’m also a qualified therapeutic masseur (something I just wanted to do a few years ago) so I’ve got quite a few different varieties of massage oils, on hand. They didn’t quite do the trick because part of ‘the massage control’ also means you can explore with hands, lips and mouth. Normal massage oil isn’t really meant to be taken orally.

What’s Left?

I knew you’d ask that 🙂

coconut oil for sex lubricant and massage

Well, some research made a brilliant discovery – Coconut Oil is heaven sent!

  • Lovely flavour
  • sweet smell
  • great for the skin
  • lasts and lasts during a long massage
  • it’s free of chemicals
  • can be used equally well both inside and out
  • and is organic – that’s a great testimonial.

One thing to remember on buying it though.

You can get Coconut Oil from just your regular Supermarket so it’s a handy item and doesn’t look as weird as buying ‘Stiff Jacks Sexual Power Lube’ at the check-out.

Just remember that it’s likely to be found in the Asian Cooking aisle and not where cooking oils are found – that’s my tip from experience.

How About You and Lubricants and Oils?

Now I’ve shared a tidbit – anyone else got another favourite all-round sexual lubricant and massage oil they’d like to share?



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