Do You Know The First Relationship Law?

All Relationships Have One Law:

What Do You Feel when Lonely?

Never Make The One You Love Feel Alone, Especially When You’re ThereThat’s an easy one to answer, isn’t it?

I feels like something is missing.

And you need to be doing something.

… with somebody.

Single people would have lonely periods as well as times that they’re out there rocking the house down.


But people living in a partnership situation have a more balanced or streamlined living situation.

That is until it’s forced into a negative emotional state and that’s when the loneliness kicks in.


I Just Want To Scream

So you’re lonely and you’re living with someone you love but maybe that immediate love feelings is vanished, for the moment.

Lonely and together!

Get Me Outta Here!

For the Geeks in this situation 🙂
Keep the heart open to allow the repairs to start

If you’ve ever been here, you’ll know you can usually cut the air with a knife.

You’ve got a headache coming on from the stress you’re in.

You may not even want to look at your partner.

Nor speak to him or her.

You have feelings that you’d be best just walking out the door.

Maybe find someone else to be with and do some less-stressful things with.

Just to take a break away from the crap.


What Do You Think The Other Is Thinking Then?

Let’s revisit that quote now.

Never Make The One You Love Feel Alone, Especially When You’re There

Another translation is if you’re in a committed relationship, you have a joint responsibility to just ‘be there’.

By being in the moment (despite most of them being shitty), there’ll come an opportunity to start the reconciliation process.

Your partner has the same opportunity too.

And opportunity breeds success – remember that.

Emotional walls block relationships to mend
Bridges allow you to communicate and get back together


Strengthen The Bond

With that first law comes a further meaning.

You know you’re suppose to be in an ever upward path to enlightenment and reward, with your significant other?

If you didn’t then you do now.

You’re there for them, to make them feel whole.

To hold hands and travel the life journey together.

Accomplish better things as a couple.

Never make the one you love feel alone.


Speak Your Mind, With Your Opinion

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  • What do you think the second law might be?
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