Do I have a sociopath wife as well?

I’ve been reading your exploits here, over the past few days and as another Aussie from Darwin, I felt some kinship to how you approach things. Great work here, mate.

I was first reading how you divorced your first wife and then met your sweetheart Pamela Allen on Facebook. Loved that whole thing and then I was reading it all went slowly downhill in over the past while. I read your reevaluating post which started my brainbox working and then onto your sociopath article only a few days ago. Oh boy, I think I know what’s going on now with my wife as well.

Can I ask your opinion on a few things because stuff here has been steadily going south almost after we married and nothing I try seems to make any difference to the way she views me or getting our problems sorted out.

– You mention a sociopath feels no real love. Are there any signs to look for that this might be the case with me?
– and then a sociopath is all about themselves and I don’t play any part in their life. What do you mean by that, exactly?

I’ve got other questions but that’s a good start. Appreciate your answers when you’re able, Martin. And Merry Xmas too


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